Paint Finishes
How durable is your paint finish?
The product I use is an industrial chemical coating designed for high wear,
outdoor applications. It is used on helicopter propellers, industrial machinery
and high end synthetic rifle stocks by nearly every major maker. It will not flake or
peel, and will withstand any chemical that you would ever want around a firearm.
The only way to remove it once applied is to sand it off.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will the paint last?
It is impossible to tell for certain, but I have been painting stocks with this product
for 7 years and not had a single one returned yet because of wear. My personal
rifles have been all over the west and are no worse for the wear.
My stock is checkered, will the paint fill the checkering?
No, the paint will not fill the checkering.
Can you paint a wood or laminate stock?
Absolutely, as long as the stock was not finished with an oil finish before. Most
factory wood stocks can be painted without issue.
What colors are available?
The base standard colors are black, gray, white, brown, tan, OD green and forest
green, however most of what I do requires custom mixing of colors. I can offer
any shade of the above colors, and also offer exotic colors such as pink, purple,
yellow etc. If you can dream it, we can do it.
Are the designs on your web page the only ones available?
Absolutely not. Unfortunately I am not able to post pictures of every job I complete
and the site represents only a small sample of what I have done. If you see
something on the site you like we can certainly match or tweak it to your desires. I
am also capable of creating a similar look to anything you happen to find in a
magazine or online. Finally, I am always open to discussing projects that may
seem "outside the box" and will do my best to deliver exactly what you are looking
Metal Finishes
What type of metal finish do you offer and recommend?
I offer Cerakote and use it on all of my personal rifles. I can also apply Duracoat
and KG Coatings, but Cerakote is my first choice and recommendation.
What is Cerakote?
Cerakote is a liquid ceramic coating developed by NIC Industries, and is the
leading firearm coating available today. It is used by many manufacturers.
How is Cerakote applied??
Firearms are first stripped to their individual parts, completely de-greased, the
surface is properly prepped. The product is then sprayed on evenly and baked to
achieve full cure. An air-cure version of Cerakote is also available that does not
require baking, but the heat cured product is far superior for firearms
How thick is Cerakote and will it affect the function of my firearm?
Cerakote is applied very thin, 1 to 2 mils, and will not affect the vast majority of
firearms. Extra care needs to be taken with tight tolerance custom actions, or
actions that have had the bolt bushed, but they can be coated.
Do you coat the interior of the barrel?
No, the chamber and bore are sealed and protected prior to starting any metal
prep or finishing.
Can you coat a firearm that has been previously coated with another product?
In almost every case, yes. The old coating will be removed during the metal prep
process, and no extra charge is incurred for the removal.
Will Cerakote cover up any defects in the surface?
No, Cerakote is so thin that it will not mask any defects. Engraving will show
through, and all but the lightest of etching will be seen. Rust pits will show, as
will any machine marks. For best results the metal should be free of any pits and
machine marks should be removed from barrels before coating. It is not
necessary to polish and buff the metal before coating, and typically a finish of 180
grit is sufficient. Light surface rust is no problem at all.

I can certainly fix most flaws before coating, but it is not included in the price and
will be quoted on a case by case basis.
Can you coat scopes to match my rifle?
Yes, I can coat scopes. Obviously they cannot be baked for curing, but I do have
another method of curing that ensures a durable finish.
What colors are offered?
I offer Cerakote in every color available from the manufacturer, and have most in
stock. Virtually every shade of black, gray, tan, brown, green, silver and titanium is

The most popular color is Graphite Black, which is very similar to the matte finish
that Leupold uses on their scopes.  

I also offer a color that looks very similar to a matte or satin blued finish for those
wishing to compliment a wood stock.
My stock has some dents and scratches, can you fix them?
Of course. Minor wear and scratches will be removed during surface prep at no
charge. More severe damage can be repaired, and will be quoted on an
individual basis.
Do you paint over a rifle's bedding?
Never. All bedding areas are masked and will not be painted.
What parts do you coat?
Included in the standard price is the barreled action, bottom metal, screws, mag
box, pins and swivel studs as well as any other attached metal parts. I also
include one set of bases and rings in the standard price.

Triggers are a touchy subject for some people. My standard practice is to coat
triggers with the exception of the critical surfaces such as the sear. I will not coat
Jewell triggers or some other aftermarket triggers. If coated, triggers are set at a
safe pull weight/sear engagement upon reassembly.

Unless otherwise specified I will coat the entire bolt body, though it is certainly
possible to leave the bolt body uncoated and just coat the bolt handle and
Do I need to ship through an FFL?
No, you can send your firearm directly to me, and I can return it directly to you.
Do I need a copy of your FFL?
Typically not, though some people have run into shipping agents who do not
know the rules. If you encounter this, please call and we can discuss the options.
What shipping company do you recommend?
My first choice by far is USPS Priority Insured. My carrier is great, knows my
business, and takes extra care of packages.

UPS is also fairly good in this area. I've gotten to know the drivers and they work
well with me. If you use UPS, please request signature confirmation and insure
the package for it's full value.

Please try to avoid using FedEx Ground. I have more trouble with them than all
others combined. If you must use FedEx, please send me the tracking number
ahead of time so that I can try to avoid any delays.
When will you ship my project back?
Shipping times can vary based on a variety of circumstances. Due to a few bad
apples, we can no longer ship a project until it is paid in full
. Once payment is
received, your project will generally ship within 3 business days, but it may take
as long as 5 business days depending on workload.
Is there any charge to prep a stock for paitning?
In general, prep work is included in the price of the paint job. In a few instances
there will be additional prep charges. If the stock was previously painted with a
product incompatible with the products I use, there may be a charge to strip the
stock . In particular, Zolatone is incompatible with my products, and will need to
be completely stripped at an additional charge.